MaRS Discovery District

MaRS Discovery District, looking to align their web presence and strategic vision contracted cm3 to begin development of a fertile online environment that readily allows the exchange of ideas and resources: human, financial, scientific, and technical.

The active nature of MaRS and the co-location of established and start-up businesses creates an environment ripe for innovation. By designing an online community built for both scientific discovery and commercialization, the breadth and depth of the MaRS brand is being expanded by demonstrating to the marketplace an effective realization of the MaRS philosophy.


The dynamism expressed in the MaRS project and the branding strategy developed by Bruce Mau Design Inc. was further expanded into the online world by using the best of breed technologies; media rich assets in a user centric environment providing real time results for the end user. This allows the organic growth of the online community’s population, knowledge base and access to venture capital and industry.

A fluid and dynamic user interface design was developed to accelerate the acceptance of a new cultural integration of the MaRS philosophy into the online and commercial marketplaces. The aesthetic appearance of the original MaRS web-site had to be re-vamped to reflect this vision of a more community based web pressence and new methods were employed to ensure an engaging experience for the end user.


By utilizing CSS for layout, XHTML for structure and DOM scripting to add client side interaction, we were able to create a compelling online environment for traditional desktop browsers, while keeping the majority of content and functionality accessible to non-traditional web enabled devices such as screen readers, text browsers and PDAs.

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