The Manifesto

Our goal isn't to become the biggest design firm in the country but to remain creative professionals making a career in a creative field with a reputation of being damn good at it. We're designers who approach business in much the same way we approach life; with a laid back attitude and a high stress threshold secured to a burning intensity to produce functional and innovative works of art. Exploration leads to knowledge. Knowledge brings understanding,and understanding yields innovation.

We are a group of individuals that are able to provide you with a diverse solution to your media demands. cm3, was founded in 1997 with three basic principles in mind:

  1. It is the work itself that is fundamental and essential. regardless of the size of the job, we are dedicated to provide our clients with quality solutions to their communication needs.
  2. Good design spans all media, from advertising, print collateral, periodical publications, the Internet, cd-rom and video. we realize the necessity of maintaining consistency of quality/concept of our clients' messaging and communication strategies across a multI-faceted marketing campaign.
  3. this new business venture is meant to span the rest of our graphic design careers. by following the first two principles and providing our clients with high quality creative work that exceeds their expectations we are in fact securing their repeat business.